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Our specialised team has a customer first approch and we do the best practices of the industry.

Qantar General Trading Co.LLC, Dubai ? Your Paper, Plastic and metal Partner is your reliable trading company for all kinds of waste paper, plastic compounds be it regrinds or regranulates. Since our founding in 1989, our partners are the plastic processing industries: paper industries, household, , office and school books manufacturer, metal industries etc. -- the scope of our trade is to recycle the waste and keep clean and friendly environment

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Due to our thorough material quality measures, we deliver high quality lowering the risk for our customers and helping to reduce production downtimes. This enables planning reliability, hence, an invaluable commodity in the globalised world


Qantar general trading co has a friendly, knowledgeable, fast service and pays the highest prices for purchases, by cash! are some of the great reasons to partner with us. We purchase nonferrous scrap from several primary sources: Industrial scrap - from manufacturers, service centers and other nonferrous scrap sources who generate new metal scrap as a by-product of their production processes, such as scrap aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass, high temperature alloys and other metals. Obsolete scrap- from telecommunications, aerospace, defense, demolition and recycling companies that generate obsolete scrap consisting primarily of copper wire and exotic metal alloys; and smaller scrap dealers and peddlers who deliver their scrap directly to our facilities.


We Can supply used post consumer pet bottles, juice and milk bottles/ cans, HDPE / Ldpe films crushed pet and pe and any other requirements in plastic.

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